Webinar: De toekomst van Fleet Management

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“Results from a cost point of view have been overwhelmingly positive. Within a short period of time, the units had paid for themselves. The system also provides updates that can alert you to any maintenance issues that need attention, which is again going to benefit you financially as well as safety-wise.’”

Craig Kortum, Procurement and Property Manager - O’Brien®

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The in-vehicle devices provide you with near real-time visibility over your fleet and vehicle diagnostics data.


This battery-powered device tracks the location of your high-value equipment in the field for up to 3 years without recharge.  


Ensure the safety of your workers who drive for extended periods of time and often in remote locations. 

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Fleet Complete works in areas covered by the Telstra Mobile Network, Australia’s largest mobile network - around 2.4 million square kilometres. Wherever your fleet goes, Fleet Complete can keep on driving your business forward.

And if your business operates in out-of-coverage zones, with Fleet Complete's satellite connection you can be sure your trucks are always transmitting data even in remote areas.

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“Partnering with Fleet Complete has been a great decision on our part. It’s cost effective, has helped us be more efficient (on many levels), improved driver behaviour and it has ‘saved the day’ more than once!."

Alicia Critchley, Accounts Manager -Garden Grove Haulage


This cost-effective mobile workforce tracking and dispatching solution allows dispatchers to send activities to mobile workers based on their geographical position and workload. 

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Webinar: De toekomst van Fleet Management
Webinar: De toekomst van Fleet Management
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